Employee Training That Saves Time and Money REALTIME-TRAINING video courses help you eliminate: ▪ S cheduling conflicts and costs; minimizing facility downtime. ▪ Shifting job priorities that create last- minute cancellations. ▪ Travel and training facility costs. REALTIME-TRAINING allows for company and worker flexibility: ▪ Workers can take training at their most convenient time. ▪ Allows workers to absorb material at their pace, not the instructors. ▪ Never worry about rescheduling a missed training. ▪ Professional training courses designed

▪ Presentation inconsistencies. ▪ Trainee information overload; increasing memory recall of trained material and safety. ▪ Potential for costly human error.

by Experts satisfy OSHA compliance. ▪ System reporting and grading saves time in having to manually grade tests.

TEST Trac lets you easily identify, measure and compare groups, employees and locations. Easily spot training trends and gaps within large groups.



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