Employee Training and Testing in the Cloud

REALTIME-TRAINING can be a great asset to you and your company by:

▪ Companywide results and trends available at aglance ▪ Detailed reports show exactly where more training or course revising is most needed. ▪ Enhanced ability to see areas of weakness for entiregroups ▪ Our subject matter experts can help you customize the criteria, createthe perfect questions, and deploy the perfect test. ▪ Allows for easy PDF/Excel viewing or printing right at your fingertips. ▪ Use your laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone while on the go to have ▪ “ REALTIME ” access and manage with ease.

REALTIME-TRAINING allows flexibility for any company approach:

REALTIME-TRAINING video courses help you eliminate:

▪ The ability for you to have total control over your testing site and to update as needed are two of the most valuable features we have! ▪ If you have problems with test questions, you can upload your own. ▪ If you have great training materials already – you can upload them to your account!

▪ The hassles of scheduling and mobilizing your workforce. ▪ Shifting job priorities that create last- minute cancellations. ▪ Travel and training facility costs. ▪ Inconsistent information from one presentation to the next. ▪ Less retention of information due to pace and length of the course. ▪ Difficulty for your trainer to get to all the needed locations.

REALTIME-TRAINING’s powerful analytics give assurance that you will be able to build higher quality questions and more effective and efficient training!



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