Fleet Management in the Cloud

Track and manage your vehicles easier than you have ever imagined:

Track vehicles for:

• Who is assigned to or what location • Out of service and/or expected return • Scheduled for service with notifications

• Employees request and notification of service needs

• Fuel records (including receipt photo and shared to the accounting department in “REALTIME”)

Knowing where your vehicles are and their condition can give you the ability to assure all your vehicles are “making you money!”

Additional Features of REALTIME-VEHICLE:

▪ Extensive reporting functions o Service records o Mileage, fuel consumption o Miles per gallon breakdown o Hours in service tracking o User to vehicle comparisons ▪ Vehicle usage scheduling ▪ Delivery schedule requesting ▪ Vehicle GPS tracking add-on systems o Position, route, time traveled tracking o (see other side of flier for more details)

▪ Preset vehicle inspections

o Multi point photo records o Notice of failed inspections ▪ Check in and check out record and inventory checklists ▪ Vehicle details inventory ▪ Live dashboard of fleet inventory and status ▪ Trucks, cars, trailers, lifts, or other mobile equipment o Training records or special license tracking



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