REALTIME- Asset Management

“ A "simplified field data collection tool” that saves time and increases efficiency.

The Asset Management dashboard provides a REALTIME view of equipment status and the quickest method for gathering technical data in the field. REALTIME asset management lets Users enter images, videos or documents pertinent to the status of equipment which eliminates:

• Misinterpretation issues from field to engineering office. • Trips back to field in order to view equipment for missing information or clarifications. • Second guessing on status of equipment.

REALTIME asset management reporting tools take the guess work out of management by providing: • Immediate notifications of equipment placed in alert out to the field. • Categorizing discrepancies and status of items placed in alert. • Scheduled maintenance reminders as well as maintaining an entire history of all past work completed on the equipment. • Easiest process to train field technicians on requirements for needed data. • The ability for more basic drawing and deliverables to still be user friendly.



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