Lockout/Tagout Procedure Management in the Cloud

▪ Print-out or paperless formats ▪ Tracking reports for: o Work activities

▪ Customized URL built just for you! ▪ Multi-user level access ▪ Individual logins for activity tracking ▪ Easy to change procedures ▪ Job Planning/Authorization ▪ Communication/Notifications ▪ Employee Alerts ▪ Notifications of active procedures ▪ QR Code engine for easy accessing ▪ Job Briefing & Energized Work Permit ▪ PM Scheduling and Reminders

o Active procedures o Active procedure discrepancies o Worker LOTO task history

▪ Company file access: o One-line diagrams o Policies

o LOTO accessory manuals o Anything else you want…

▪ Existing procedure mapping service available to limit labor for moving your files



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